Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where Things Stand Now

As I have indicated, I am about to produce a book from the ground up. I hope to have it finished and ready for sale to the public by March 30, 2011. If I succeed, as I expect, I believe the project will be of considerable interest to other writers, and/or would be writers--not to mention a source of great astonishment to me. Thus I am keeping this blog by way of documentation.
In this case I do not have to actually begin by writing the book. What I am doing is significantly re-writing a book of mine that is already in print, in a way, so that it will amount to a new book.
Is that doable? Certainly. How many quite different books do you know of that have been written about the same event? Say, the Battle of Gettysburg in the United States Civil War? Or something of smaller dimension: Picket's Charge in the Battle of Gettysburg? And there are many writers, artists, and composers who have made different versions of their own works.
So, what I am about to do is the same for a work of my own. As of now I am in the process of re-writing and editing it, after which I will be ready to format it, design it (or cause it to be designed, in a way that reflects my own interests, tastes, and--not least important--ability to pay). And, finally, I intend to make the work available as both a Print On Demand and an e-book. Of which I am the sole owner, and will be the sole beneficiary--other than the book's readers, who I hope will be attracted by its reasonable cost and attractive look, and will buy and read it with enjoyment. That's not only a benefit, in a lot of ways it is what writing is alll about.
If the project interests you as a writer or a prospective writer, or even just as a curious reader, I invite you to follow along.

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